2-6 October 2023
Universidad de los Andes / Universidad Nacional de Colombia
America/Bogota timezone

Welcome to the 4th Workshop on Statistical Physics! This workshop is part of a series organized by Universidad de los Andes and Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Our primary objective is to foster academic growth and collaboration within the field of statistical physics.

The workshop offers a unique opportunity for the academic community to delve into the latest developments and research methods that have significantly impacted statistical physics over the past decades. Through a series of engaging mini-courses, we aim to introduce participants to these topics, allowing them to be incorporated into advanced graduate courses.

Furthermore, the workshop serves as a platform for the local statistical mechanics community to share their cutting-edge research findings. Through invited conferences, oral presentations, and poster sessions, participants have the chance to present their most recent work and establish scientific exchanges and collaborations. By facilitating these interactions, we strive to foster the growth and advancement of Statistical Physics in Colombia.

The event is designed for professors and researchers specializing in statistical physics, as well as graduate and undergraduate students with a foundational understanding of statistical mechanics. Whether you are an expert in the field or a budding physicist, this workshop offers valuable insights and networking opportunities.

The workshop spans five days, combining three days of engaging short courses from Monday to Wednesday with two days dedicated to invited conferences, oral presentations, and poster sessions on Thursday and Friday. This format ensures a comprehensive learning experience while allowing ample time for attendees to engage with their peers and explore potential collaborations.

Join us at the 4th Workshop on Statistical Physics as we strive to advance knowledge, foster collaboration, and contribute to the development of Statistical Physics in Colombia and beyond.

Universidad de los Andes / Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Universidad de los Andes Edificio SD - classroom SD 805 Calle 21 # 1- 20 Bogotá Universidad Nacional de Colombia Edificio 564 - Aulas de ciencias Gloria Galeano Garcés - auditorium A1 Avenida Calle 26, carrera 35, Bogotá.
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